Have you ever trained for a big event, or waited all year for that “once in a lifetime” vacation? It’s so exciting, motivating and helps us get through some of the other “big” problems and stressors of life. It is truly invigorating to get prepared for the event! We complete the event, we take the trip, relish in the fun, enjoy the accomplishment, have laughs about it…then…silence…then the big carrot stick is gone…then life comes up on us again. We’re SAD, maybe even a little depressed! Maybe you’re depressed just reading this (smile).

I am writing this because for half the year we (myself, husband, trainers and team) have been training for a 206 mile bike ride which took us a day and a half to complete. It was hard and challenging both physically and mentally…yet it was rewarding and exciting at the same time. To finish it was quite an accomplishment on many levels; mentally, physically and emotionally for all of us in very personal ways.

Now…we are “done”…now we have a big gap in our weeks from all the time spent training. Now we (some of us) are a little sad (others are elated it’s over!) . So how do we pick up our inertia again, feel inspired and find our mojo?

I think taking a step back and really “feeling” how much one loves the prep for events is important to acknowledge. It’s important for us understand why we love some of the same things which are so difficult at the same time to complete. Ideally, it’s vital to reinvent ourselves all the time, refresh, renew, challenge and inspire ourselves…daily.

So, what can you do? Personally, I have one more event that I am doing this summer…which will keep me challenged to say the least; but beyond that, it’s time now to open my world up to all I’ve put on the back burner which training had hijacked. It’s time to reconnect with friends, to “day dream” about goals, to visit places and family I haven’t had time to. It’s not only time to take care of “life”…it’s time to find gratitude in the life and health we have; regardless of events, goals and vacations. It’s time to get regrounded, regroup and renew.

Learning to love the journey and always move in ways which constantly inspire us with or without huge occasions can be the spice of life in itself.

Then it’s time to reach a new goal…and that just might be to be in the moment and relax, or go hike half dome!
To yours in heath and wellness~

Tammy Parkinson CNC CPT CLC
Body Firm Personal Training and Nutritional consulting