“I love working with Tammy because she shows me much she cares about her clients by giving them a lot of attention to details, being proactive and follow up. She is a caring individual, compassionate and easy to work with. She works really hard and lead by example.”

Yeyen Gunawan Founder and CEO La Vie Wellness in a Bottle drinklavie.com

“Tammy, I thank you every Saturday morning when I read your columns before getting out of bed. It helps set my day.”

Nancy Carlson

“Thanks so much for your work with Amy and Mike. I haven’t seen her this happy in years! You’re a gift to us all.”


“I just want to take a minute to thank you for everything you’ve done for us. We are very lucky to have met you and that you were able to take us on. We both feel 100x better then we have in what seems like a hundred years and we owe that to you.”

A Happy Client

“Just wanted to tell you about another successful client of yours. Mike had his physical this morning. He’s lost 40lbs, BP was great (has been scary high for years!), blood work was good so the Dr. is going to lower his cholesterol med. Dr. was very happy & impressed with his great turn around since his physical last year and asked him what he was doing, etc. Good job Coach!”


I meant to tell you that you are awesome and I love your messages!

Magda M.

“Tammy, I went to Malibu today and had my best friend take some pictures of me to see where I am with my health journey and how I feel about my body. For the first time in a long time, I’ve felt confident in a bikini and really liked the way her photos of me turned out. Just thought I’d share!!”

Sara N.

“Everything is great! The kids and I eat well and when we don’t we feel it. That motivates us to eat right. You taught the kids and I so much in a short time. We can read labels and we know what to look for. Thank you again!”


“Thanks so much for passion you bring into helping folks get to a healthy lifestyle and for making Body Firm a ‘one stop’ shop ( diet, exercise, organic foods). I enjoyed the journey and hope to stay on new course in the future.”


“Thanks Tammy ! You are really helping us and it’s only been a week! I just had my green smoothie. I feel much better after that. I will do that every day! :)”


Crazy but just went to dental cleaning & I go every 3 months and she told me my gums & teeth were so much happier!! Looked healthier than from my last visit.. interesting !! Eating healthy shoes up in your gums! Thanks Tammy 😘😀


More Client Success Stories…

“I had been working with Tammy for the last 3 months and I lost more than 40 lbs. sincethen. When we began our work, my health was in a serious crisis with frightening bloodwork to improve. I have tried all sort of diet/health programs before, only to gain itback and more , putting my body at risk more than I’d like to admit. It’s only when Istarted working with her that I realized you have to convince yourself that you are nowready and willing to accept a lifestyle change. I was diagnosed with AKD ( a seriouskidney disfuction) and she planned the best diet that worked for me. The last Labworkup showed some considerable improvements.I strongly recommend Tammy to all the people out there who are now ready to make alifestyle change. She is so patient, knowledgeable and I feel so comfortable working with her.”

– Edmund A.

“Working with Tammy has been an exceptional experience. A year ago I had set theintention to look for transformation in my life. That’s a pretty big order and I’m well onmy way, thanks in large part to Tammy. Tammy has a wonderful way of helping me cutthrough to what’s really important to me, what will help me live the life I want to live.She is also great at helping me stay accountable, which is key to making progress.Tammy has a wealth of knowledge about nutrition, wellness, and fitness that shedelivers in a way that is really tailored to my needs and how I process information.Tammy always leaves me feeling inspired and empowered to reach my goals, whetherthey be eating to improve my health, improving my fitness level, nurturing relationshipswith friends and family, or starting a business! I feel very grateful to have theopportunity to work with Tammy.”

– Mindy

“I have been working with Tammy for 9 months and I have improved my daily routine leaps and bounds. She has introduced these healthy changes at the most perfect pace and she takes in consideration what I can tolerate and what will allow me to be successful.   What I love most about Tammy (if I could begin with only one thing) is she is so available. Whenever I need her or have a question she is there and I can’t say that about anyone else I have every worked with on anything. Tammy is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what she does, she has a huge heart and that’s why I am so grateful to know her and work with her. I feel better than ever and I highly recommend Tammy to everyone out there who needs a healthy change and doesn’t even know where to begin.”

– Christine

“I’ve known Tammy for more then a decade now. She is one of those kind of people, when you first meet her, you want to sit down and talk to for a while and then, once you get to know her, you naturally want to ‘check in’ on a regular basis to find balance again. Whether it’s training for your body, mind or soul, she has your best interest in mind.

She is person of quality and integrity. She is a student of all things wellness and well being. She is open, honest and inviting. She listens to your issues and concerns and then using her wisdom and resources comes up with a plan to make you better. She is diligent and checks in with her clients, daily, weekly, monthly as appropriate, especially when a plan has been set out to make sure her client stays on track. This was most beneficial in my case, and I am sure for others, as I am a creature of habit and changing my routine was not easy. Only with her help could I have been this successful. I am thankful every day for her guidance and support.”

-Christine G. – Client and Friend

“My cholesterol level came down dramatically and I have been able to control my allergies. Once in a while it comes back and hit me hard, but I know how to fix it with information she shared with me. I used to catch colds often but I have not gotten sick for a year now. My immune system became very strong. Tammy is extremely knowledgeable and she has a unique way of communicating important messages in a very personal way.   She helped me set goals and supported me all the way to achieve them. She is a fantastic coach and mentor!”

– Yuriko S.

“I have been using Tammy’s nutrition service for a little over one year. My main concern was an elevated cholesterol level and a chronic allergy. She advised me to reduce the amount of inflammatory food from my diet and to eat more probiotic food and vegetables to help boost my immune system.   She also guided me to take herbs and supplements and keep my physical activity at a high level. Within a month or so I noticed that my “brain fog” was gone and energy level kept going up. I lost 9 lbs. and I was able to keep it off. As an amateur dancer the new diet and supplements helped me endure long hours of practice and competitions. I am 59 but my energy level feels like I am in 40’s.”

– A Happy Client

“Dear Tammy,

I absolutely must share this special moment with you.

Earlier today, our General contractor approached me as I was walking down the hallway in my house.  He said he had been wanting to talk to me privately for a while but hadn’t previously had the opportunity.  Then he asked me “xxxx, please tell me what have you been doing with your health? ”

Then with earnest he went on to say he has known me for long time (as long as I’ve been with my husband, – 12 years) and he has never seen my face and body looking so good.  What he meant by that was from a well being point of view.  He went on discussing how when you look into someone eyes you can see the whole and real picture of the person you are talking to and that my eyes are relaxed and beautiful and no signs of stress or worry or fear.  Many more words were exchanged between us about life, death, God, meditation and good friends (like you).  Then in summary, he hugged me and said “whatever you are doing, don’t stop, you look better”

I owe much of the result he sees to you.   Thank you.”

– CM

“I stumbled into Tammy’s office on January 1st as a recommendation from my trainer.. I was feeling exceptionally broken that day… My goal was to lose some weight that was not coming off no matter how much I trained .. I’ve been underweight most of my life so to find myself at an all time high on the scale and feeling uncomfortable was a hard place to be.. Tammy’s warmth and positive energy made me feel comfortable and safe very quickly. We started with goals that were reasonable and I followed direction and I began to lose weight, and inches and gained confidence and skills for eating healthy… for living healthy . I followed Tammy’s directions like GPS and she was spot on with my weight loss.

But what is more important than losing weight is that I’m a healthier person in mind , body and spirit . I’m off all prescription meds and my blood pressure is perfect .. Tammy’s become my life coach through this process and it’s been incredibly helpful because my journey is not just about eating right but it’s about living right… My world has changed for the better .. the gratitude I have for Tammy is more than words can express.

Thank you Tammy for being who you are . Thank you for your patience with me … I’m a better person because of you..”

– Diane F.

“My mother adores you 1,000 times over. I think most of our conversations have you involved at some point or another, so in many ways I feel like I already know you! You have so greatly impacted her life in such a positive way I could never thank you enough. The light is back in her eyes and she is genuinely happy again and you have helped her achieve that. Words would never do justice to the gratitude my sister and I have for you and how you have helped our mom. She loves being healthy and you helped her/helping her get back to her happiest place. So for that I thank you and hope some day I can thank you in person.”

– Anonymous

“Tammy, I’m so happy! All my glucose, insulin & hemoglobin levels are in the HEALTHY range! Vitamin D level is in the HEALTHY range for the 1st time! Thyroid Cascade 2.75 (healthy .45-4.5) so you’ll need to tell me what that means. C-reactive protein 2.1 (healthy but I don’t know what it means).

Oh and my B12 level is excellent!  Same with my folic acid.  . Oh, and I lost another 5lbs 👍🏼

AND…I can explain more later but he wants me to try and exercise 6-7 days/week, to help me sleep better…I thought you might like that 😉

– Anonymous