Have you ever been on a focused nutrition and/or exercise plan and it seems every where you go there’s an event? It could be wine tasting, beer tasting, parties (all kinds), work meeting and buffets, to name a few. Basically, every place you go is the antithesis of what you are trying to accomplish. To add on to this, every person in your life is trying to convince you to a) just have a little “taste” of this yummy dessert, b) join them wine tasting…one time during your healthy focus won’t hurt c) skip your workout, what’s the big deal? 4) quit being so picky on what you order because they think you would enjoy your life much more if you simply did what THEY did? Maybe someone ordering “different” might embarrass others?

Has this happened to you?

Often, I meet with clients who are so caring and giving, they simply don’t feel comfortable with saying “no” to the pressures of what everyone else is suggesting they do. They want their friends and family to be happy, so they work themselves into a frenzy on what to do for themselves vs. what to do to make someone they care about (or someone they work with) be “ok” with the dietary and health choices they are making.

As I write this…doesn’t this sound ridiculous? Why would someone else care if you don’t order dessert? Why would someone else be upset if you order a salad and fish instead of a burger and fries? Why would someone who cares about another feel disrupted if their loved one chooses to go to a workout instead of walking around the mall?

From my seat, I hear how HARD it is for some to start a new, healthy, lifestyle program. I hear how badly they want to improve their fitness, their energy, their moods, their blood work and the quality of their life. It can be incredibly difficult for many many people…but they are trying. What creates even more chaos for these folks is the pressure of work, events, family, friends and simply society. So for these folks, they try very hard to create new habits to support the lifestyle they know they want and deserve.

I’m writing this for two reasons. First, to let those of you who DO struggle like this~ know you aren’t alone. It’s hard sometimes and you are “normal” to face these obstacles. Second, to let those who love those who are trying so hard know that is is incredibly hard at first for those on a healthy path to do this. We know you might tempt them out of fun, or some kind of love, however, it makes it more difficult. They need your support and patience. They need your acceptance. For those who might not need this kind of discipline, you are lucky; yet realize many struggle, so in this moment, consider taking a step back and seeing if you can encourage and support their efforts. Consider going for a walk WITH them and/or of you go to dinner, asking where they might want to go in order for them to feel confident in what they choose to eat.

It’s an easy journey for some and a daunting journey for others. Either way, it’s a journey to a better quality of living. Let’s give our empower them by helping them succeed! Thank you, it’s appreciated on more levels than you can know.
To yours in health and wellness~

Tammy Parkinson CLC CNC CPT
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