Foundations to Live By

Water and lemon with chlorophyl first thing in the morning Meditating as the sun comes up before you journal Journaling before emails, media and texts Listening so you can hear Self-control to honor your heart

Jordan Shallow

Jordan Shallow started from the humble beginnings of Windsor Ontario Canada, a blue-collar town that molded his hard working, no bull- attitude towards training and health. At the ripe age of 25 Jordan already has

Kevin Golden

Dr. Golden earned his Doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic West in San Jose, CA,  in 2014.  His specialties include Preventative and Corrective Rehabilitation, Myofascial Release, Functional Movement Screening (FMS), Fascial Movement Taping (RockTape L2),

Marcus D. McDonough

I am dedicated to providing high quality and exclusive treatments. I will always strive to meet yours and your clienteles individual needs and concerns to promote overall well-being. I incorporate the tools of Fascial Release,

Heather Rideout

Cyclist, surfer, runner, hiker, are just a few ways you can describe Heather. She is an avid athlete and constantly in motion. Graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Kinesiology and from

Ray Vargas

Ray Vargas has a love and passion for fitness and nutrition and that’s why he started ISOTONEX – to share, serve & help others via fitness.  However, as Ray started on this quest he realized

Vitamin D 3

It gets confusing to know if one gets enough vitamins and minerals. One vitamin in particular so many are deficient in is Vitamin D. Vitamin D is well known as "the sunshine vitamin" because it

24 hour day

We've all been there. We need 27 hours in a 24 hour day...and we need to be awake for all of them. We are so jam packed with our to do's that we cannot possibly

Being “active”.

Maybe you workout 1 day a week? Maybe you have a personal trainer you work with 2x a week. Or do you go to yoga every day? It's possible you walk with a friend for

Tomilyn Thornberry

Tomilyn Thornberry, a small-town Ohio native,  is a recent graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in San Jose. Tomilyn has been active her whole life, playing a variety of sports in her youth, many of