Team Body Firm~

How often have you started a diet or exercise program just to get derailed in a couple weeks? You start off highly motivated, full of promise and hope. You have your plan written out and “this time” you are going to finish!

Then something happens, a birthday party, a work deadline which was not expected, kids need to be picked up on a day you’d planned on a work out, or you are just plain old tired.

THIS is life! This happens to all of us. The difference between those of us who achieve our goal and those of us who keep restarting isn’t that “life” happens; it’s that we let “life” dictate our destiny instead of our will dictating “life”.

So often I see folks stumble after a couple of weeks. I know it’s hard, I know it’s frustrating. I also see folks who have stumbled a few times, then finally hang in there after a couple of rough days; even weeks, determined to keep going and turn a corner. That corner might take a few weeks, but that is the difference. This is the person who under no circumstance won’t give up. The person who has the same life issues that he or she had the last time they tried and the time before, yet “this time” kept going. This time…dug deep, really deep, and didn’t give up.

From my perspective, own experience and my interactions, I have seen clients who have been under a great amount of stress but hang in there and turn the corner to finally see that it’s worth it. Then they keep going down the new road and won’t go back.

This, my friends, will change your life if you can hold on during these challenging times.

Remind yourself you aren’t alone and how badly you want and need to achieve your goals. Remind yourself you have support groups to help you. Remind yourself that this is serious and you can and will turn the corner if you can ride it out. It might be hard, it might be time consuming, but isn’t restarting the same goals over and over even harder?

I know you can do it if you hang in there!