We have passed the Holiday Season and are in the midst of Summer and you finally feel you are getting your groove back.  You want to be healthier, start working out more often, eat a little cleaner and maybe lose a few pounds.  You want to sleep deeply, get rid of your indigestion, and start to create a healthier body and mind.  You’ve spent the last 3 months running around, eating on the go, traveling, and overdoing it and you’re READY to feel amazing!

But wait!  There’s your brother-in-law’s 45th Birthday party Friday, your neighbor’s housewarming pool party Sunday,  your Company’s annual awards banquet Tuesday, cookie day at your 5-year-old’s school next Friday, soccer ice cream day Friday evening, and National French fry day the following weekend. 

Then you think “ yes, I better wait, I might not be perfect, and I “fail”.  So why even start?  Let’s wait until National French Fry day is over.  It will be perfect then.  I will be perfect then”! How many times has this scenario played in your head over the past weeks, months, years…dare I say decades? 

How many times has this scenario played in your head over the past weeks, months, years…dare I say decades?

Let’s be really honest now.  There is no perfect time.  (ok, maybe if you were at an all-inclusive Health Spa…I’ll give you that!)  In most cases, however, there really isn’t such a thing as perfect until we decide it is.  There are certain weeks that might be a little easier than others for certain, however, each day even has its challenges.  It’s really up to us to decide how we handle our decisions and …if we will let it take over our lives… or if we will take our lives back.

It’s up to us to decide if we are going to lick the spoon while making cookies for the 5-year-old.  You don’t have to!  You don’t lick the glue when you do artwork for them. (well, I hope not at least)!

It’s up to us to bring a healthy snack option to our neighbor’s party rather than arrive empty-handed and feel sabotaged because there are only chips and dip accessible.

And it’s up to us to stop kicking the can to the next week; to decide that this is our life…our one life (that we know of) and we are going to take control of what we put into our bodies in each moment.  

We are smart and can take control.  It’s up to us, but only once we decide so. Even if you are battling an illness (which I hope you are not) each reaction you choose and each liquid and food you choose is just that…you are choosing it.

I realize there might be extraordinary circumstances; however, for 95% of the normal day, go out and decide that you no longer want to kick the can to another week.  Take your health back to a top priority that no longer can wait for the perfect week. Get a coach, drag your best friend along, loop in your family, or do this on your own…but do it.  You’ve got this!