Wait! It’s only the beginning of December…why would I want to write 2016 goals?

It’s true. We want to live in the present; especially this special Holiday season; however I want to encourage a little planning for future growth and a spectacular year ahead.

About this time of year, I take a look at what it was / is I wanted to accomplish in all areas of my life during 2015. You see, right around January 1st, I get my brand new journal out and I write down my intentions for the upcoming year in areas from fitness to finance. It’s not “main stream” goals, it’s deeply felt intentions. My personal categories I generally focus on are:

Nutrition (personal)
Fitness (personal)
Education (business)
Finance (business and personal)
Something completely out of the box I’ve never done before (I choose 2 things)

I like to start to jot down my focus towards the end of each year not only to prepare for the New Year, but to reevaluate what it was I started out creating 11 months earlier. Sometimes as I am reviewing I realize I completely forgot something important to me early on and I recommit to it. If I sit down in December to connect with my past, current and future goals; I tend to stay engaged in my own growth. It keeps me excited about learning and challenging myself as well as feeling accomplished that I am staying true to my intentions.

What I jot down in December is more of a rough draft so in January I feel confident in how I would like to journal.

Of course, as the year unfolds, I invite new ideas in and sometimes I let initial goals go as they might no longer be significant to me.

The process, however is empowering and has helped me, as well as many of my clients stay on the right path to success and happiness.

This doesn’t have to be fancy right now, quite the contrary! However, it is empowering to harness in what you want and know you can accomplish it with a focused intention.

Consider grabbing a note pad, journal, sticky note pad or your iphone and let your resolutions become your intentions in the months ahead. It can truly create dreams into realities!
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