Nutrition Programs

Transform your diet with one-on-one nutrition coaching

Each new client begins with an analysis and evaluation. The evaluation consists of a 7-day food diary and nutritional questionnaire, followed by an in-depth analysis. Strategies are then created on an individual basis with accountability programs.

Current Programs Available:

  • Weekly Nutrition Accountability groups ~ call to find out which groups are available in your area!
  • 30-day Individual nutritional programs (to build a solid foundation towards lifetime weight loss and health)
  • Shopping tours, either in groups or one on one

Nutrition accountability groups:

  • In-person, online, and phone personalized coaching
  • Once a month dinners at local restaurants to teach ways to eat healthy no matter where you are!
  • For more detailed information about the Individual Nutritional Programs, contact me directly at

Lifestyle Programs

Get your life back in balance with lifestyle coaching

My one-month program will be tailored specifically to your needs and your areas of wellness. You will begin with a powerful one-on-one* meeting with me (your coach) and then work week to week a month at a time. As time goes by, you will find that some of the areas causing distress are tackled, handled, and soon easy to workaround. In this process, sometimes new issues come up and we are with you every step of the way to work through these roadblocks!

**if out of the immediate area, all meetings are held via phone and priced accordingly!

Live with passion and clarity! Contact me for more information and pricing.

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My mission is to create a wellness experience that empowers you to live and love your life!