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Foundations to Live By

Water and lemon with chlorophyl first thing in the morning Meditating as the sun comes up before you journal Journaling before emails, media and texts Listening so you can hear Self-control to honor your heart

Being Mindful

Weekend Wellness: Mindful The words “mindful and present” has come up in my coaching calls quite often this past week. Not only in the aspect of the clients being mindful and present, but ME remembering


Weekend Wellness: Tsunami Recently I took a vacation to the Hawaiian Islands and on one of the days in Molokai’i we decided to take the Kalaupapa trail to the bottom, see the old Leper Colony

30 day challenge beginning January 18!

The beginning of the year is a perfect time to refocus your intentions.  We've created 6 to hone in on, embodying fitness, nutrition and the spirit.  You can choose all 6, or just 1.  Ask


Have you ever been on a focused nutrition and/or exercise plan and it seems every where you go there's an event? It could be wine tasting, beer tasting, parties (all kinds), work meeting and buffets,

A balancing act to slow down

Sometimes I get my "ah ha" moments when I am struggling the most. Today in my workout I was focusing on a new movement pattern which I was rushing through. There was a lot of

Give the Gift of Health and Wellness

What do you give a person who has everything...except perfect health? You give them the gift of health!!!  :-) Here are some options at Body Firm: One on one nutrition consultations One on one personal

How much protein?

How much protein should I eat? This is always a controversial topic involving how much a person weighs, their activity level, the type of activity one does, their health history and how old a person

Setting your 2016 intentions early!

Wait! It's only the beginning of December...why would I want to write 2016 goals? It's true. We want to live in the present; especially this special Holiday season; however I want to encourage a little


Last week I talked about the "ABC's" of vitamins. Along with getting in essential vitamins, we need essential minerals as well. As always, please check with your Doctor if you are taking any medications to