Last week I talked about the “ABC’s” of vitamins. Along with getting in essential vitamins, we need essential minerals as well. As always, please check with your Doctor if you are taking any medications to ensure you can safely add any extra minerals OR vitamins into your diet. It’s also an excellent idea to get blood work down often to see if you are deficient in any of the essential vitamins or Minerals. Here is a helpful list of Minerals needed:


What it’s for: Necessary for bone building, cellular energy and enzyme function.
Where to find it: Apples, carrots, leafy greens, raw nuts, whole grains (unprocessed)


What it’s for: Essential for strong bones and teeth as well as healthy gums; needs to be balances with magnesium.
Where to find it: Fortified dairy foods, leafy greens, sardines


What it’s for: Helps glucose metabolism, enhances energy.
Where to find it: Brewer’s yeast, brown rice (unprocessed) organic meat


What it’s for: Helps build blood cells, bone and collagen
Where to find it: Organic meat, seafood, non GMO soy beans, unprocessed whole grains


What it’s for: Essential for blood cell production, growth, immune health and energy
Where to find it: Egg whites, wild fish, liver, organic meat, leafy greens


What it’s for: Balances calcium; improves bone and cardiovascular health
Where to find it: Avocados, nuts, seeds, sea vegetables, unprocessed whole grains


What it’s for: Activates enzymes; promotes cell function
Where to find it: Legumes, beef liver, dark leafy greens, peas


What it’s for: Protects against high blood pressure
Where to find it: Fruits, organic dairy, wild fish


What it’s for: Anticancer antioxidant; works best with vitamin E, healthy for thyroid function
Where to find it: Brazil Nuts, brewer’s yeast, brown rice (unprocessed) organic meat, wild seafood


What it’s for: Needed for formation of collagen for bones and connective tissue
Where to find it: Alfalfa, bell peppers, root vegetables, non GMO soy


What it’s for: Necessary for healthy bones and teeth; improves insulin use.
Where to find it: Dill, wild fish, organic meat, olives, many vegetables


What it’s for: Important in immune and reproductive health
Where to find it: Egg whites and yolks, wild seafood, sprouted grains
To yours in Health and Wellness~

Tammy Parkinson CNC CPT CLC
Body Firm Personal Training and Nutritional Consulting
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