Sometimes I get my “ah ha” moments when I am struggling the most. Today in my workout I was focusing on a new movement pattern which I was rushing through. There was a lot of coordination and “core” needed to safely and effectively move through the exercise. As I was working so hard to finish the posture shall we say, I kept losing my balance and getting frustrated with myself.

It wasn’t until I slowed way down, took the movement slowly and deliberately and focused on what I wanted to accomplish that I actually “got it”.

I then went through the exercise again; one step at a time and didn’t get attached to the end, rather feeling every moment and every muscle being recruited. I understood what the exercise was all about at that point.

I thought about what I learned and it occurred to me that this is “life”. When we rush through life too fast, we rarely truly feel anything and quickly fall out of balance. When we slow down, we stay in balance and are able to focus on getting grounded so we can learn and enjoy and “get it”.

I practiced this all day. I slowed down when I wanted to rush. I stayed in balance when other times I might have gotten off track quickly.

During this time of year…especially this time of year…it’s incredibly easy to rush around like a crazy stressed out person. Consider this little thought of slowing down to stay in balance, even if it’s for a few hours and notice if you stay more grounded and in the real joy of the season.
Happy Healthy Holidays~

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