How often do we feel the need to take care of others…whether it’s our children, our clients, our parents, our spouses, or a friend in need? This caring is what helps the heart grow. This caring is what can bring peace and happiness; possibly a sense of relief to those in need. Yet, when we care for others, what is the relationship we have with ourselves?

Do we care for our own needs as well, or do we take care of the world…then look in the mirror and realize we’ve forgotten the most important person to help? (the answer is YOU are the most important person, in case you weren’t sure!)

Here’s a visual. You’re on a plane and the airline representative demonstrates in the event of an emergency and the oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling and you are to put YOUR mask on first before you help anyone else…even your baby.

Why would they ask this of you? If you cannot preserve yourself, you cannot help anyone else.

This is not only true in an airplane, but in every day needs and demands. We must take care of our own needs so that we have the health, vibrance, energy and positivity to take care of others.

Our families, friends, loved ones and clients don’t want us haggard, broken, sick or cranky just so we can be there for them! They want us to fill our cups first…so we have the vitality to manage everything else. Don’t you want that of someone who might be helping you?

It’s wonderful to give to others; I highly recommend a life of kindness and helpfulness; however I recommend even more so to take care of one’s self in nutrition, fitness, emotions, finances, energy and fun so when we do give, we can do it from a place of health.

To yours in health and wellness~

Tammy Parkinson CPT CLC CNC
Body Firm Personal Training and Nutritional Consulting