Several years ago I read and purchased a card reading” We are desperately searching for those pockets of silence where we can root and grow”. Today, I still have that card; the message ringing to me loud and clear; even in silence.

With our busy live’s how many of us sit in silence, in meditation, in complete and utter stillness so we can really hear ourselves? I know I rarely do; yet when I can (or rather “choose to”) create those pockets of silence and stillness, I become grounded, rooted and centered. From there, I bud new ideas, grow and create.

Studies show that we ( as a society ) get our best ideas to create in the following areas:

In nature
In the shower
Working out
Resting in Bed
Day dreaming

Notice in yourself…do you ever get get grounded and grow while going at mach speed? Or do you feel that to embrace change, to find out what it is you need, you must step away from the business of life (even fun) and get a little quiet?

I write these weekly “thoughts” at times because of my own challenges throughout the years… and one is to regularly find that quiet space. When I do, though, I realize how refreshing, healing, and vital it is to every piece of my life. I notice in clients when they are busy and pack their schedules with activity after appointment after obligation, hour after hour, they are frazzled, frustrated, exhausted and fall off their focus. It often feels less than obvious that the solution when we are overwhelmed is to slow down…even stop, and regroup. It feels as though we must work harder in order to get more accomplished. This causes us to get deeper in to our renewal deficit and before we know it, we are off in every aspect of our life. We don’t eat well, we don’t sleep deeply, we lack creative ideas and we feel too fatigued to stay active.

Does this ring a little bell to you?

Consider trying a little detox from busy and get quite. Find time…make time…to hear your own ideas. Get rooted so you can rejuvenate and move through life again with a sense of renewal and inspiration.

To Yours in health and wellness

Tammy Parkinson CNC CLC CPT
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