Imagine a time when age wasn’t a number, but a feeling. Let’s pretend there were no clocks or birthdays to indicate our years on earth. Conceptualize that you wouldn’t know that wrinkles were good or bad (which they aren’t by the way) or that grey hair was even a marker of “age”.

Ok, do you have the visual? It’s a little relaxing isn’t it? There’s no pressure to be younger by the way you look. Instead, “age or youth” is about how we FEEL. When you wake up are you vibrant and energized, or tired, weary and in pain? Do you feel that you can breath easily, think clearly and focus, or do you feel quite the opposite and have a difficult time moving, articulating and carrying through with your day?

What a concept to consider an ageless existence. I love the idea of feeling my age vs. someone putting me in a box because of the years I have spent on earth. Rather, do WE do that to ourselves? Do we pigeon hole ourselves because we are 30,40,50,60,70…etc and then fit that mold of what society tells us we should feel like, look like, act like?

I challenge you to go inward and decide what age you feel and if you like it, go with it! Enjoy your youthful feeling. If you don’t like it, change it and decide what you need to do on the inside (eat better, sleep more, exercise differently, reduce stress, etc) so that you can be that perfect you…whether that you is 19, 50, or 80 in chronological years…it’s up to you to go a little ageless by taking charge of what goes in to your body and mind.