It gets confusing to know if one gets enough vitamins and minerals. One vitamin in particular so many are deficient in is Vitamin D.

Vitamin D is well known as “the sunshine vitamin” because it is created in the body after exposure to sunlight. Vitamin D helps support strong bones as many know, especially when taken with Calcium, magnesium and zinc. Research also shows that it is critical and essential for healthy blood vessels, muscles and our nervous system. Studies suggest that Vitamin D helps to decrease inflammation and can also help prevent breast, colon and prostate cancer. If that weren’t enough, it’s helpful to guard against Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, depression, and some autoimmune conditions. That said…nearly 80% of Americans are deficient in it!

This is largely due to the number of us who are indoors these days and who wear sunscreen. IN addition, it’s hard to find Vitamin D (particularly Vitamin D3) in foods. If one is a vegetarian or vegan, the only source is mushrooms. Other sources are salmon, tuna, mackerel, egg yolks, beef liver and cheese.

Ideally (but check with your Doctor) the typical dosage is 2,000 I.U daily (again D3) and something important to note is D is fat soluble…meaning it’s absorbed with fat (so don’t take on an empty stomach)

Hot tip…Look for supplements that provide more bioavailable Dc (cholecalciferol) rather than D2 (ergocalciferol)