MarcusI am dedicated to providing high quality and exclusive treatments. I will always strive to meet yours and your clienteles individual needs and concerns to promote overall well-being. I incorporate the tools of Fascial Release, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Facial Stretch Therapy for those wanting to rehab from an acute or chronic injury and athletes wanting to maintain and/or increase their mobility and restore function to improve athletic performance. These techniques combined are highly effective approaches used to shorten recovery time from grueling workouts, decompress joints and normalize myofascial chains for optimal flexibility, release restrictions and adhesion in the joint capsules and connective tissue throughout the body and also decrease the effects of stress on the mind body due to over exertion.  In any given session I may use only one or all of these approaches to obtain the results we are looking for!

DISCALIMER: Myofascial release is performed slow! So do not expect a full body massage.  Expect relief from a nagging injury!

Marcus will be working in Suite D (Body Firm) as well as Suite K (Body Firm Wellness)

Marcus D. McDonough
Pacific Motion Bodywork: Manual and Movement Therapy
c: 831.428.6270