HeatherCyclist, surfer, runner, hiker, are just a few ways you can describe Heather. She is an avid athlete and constantly in motion. Graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Kinesiology and from there her love for the body and its physical capabilities grew. Passionate about helping others, she volunteered in San Diego with the Magic Horse, helping kids with special needs ride and take care of horses.  She worked as a Teacher’s Aide in Adapted Physical Education for 7 years. Teaching her students how to work out in a gym, play different sports, and take care of their health. From sports, yoga, strength training, and swimming to riding horses, Heather is extremely passionate about teaching.

As a personal trainer Heather enjoys teaching people about functional movement.  She is constantly exploring new ways to help people strengthen their bodies and live a life free from pain, especially low back pain.  She continues to motivate and help her peers learn about the body and its amazing physical capabilities.

Heather Rideout
BS Kinesiology