Water and lemon with chlorophyl first thing in the morning
Meditating as the sun comes up before you journal
Journaling before emails, media and texts
Listening so you can hear
Self-control to honor your heart
Greens over colorless foods
Local markets, personal gardens and farmer’s markets
Eating to feel satisfied, not full
Probiotic cultured hormone and antibiotic free dairy if tolerated
Good heart healthy fats
seeking wisdom when uncertain
True love over fear
Fresh herbs before salt
Mindful conversations
Pausing and putting yourself in others shoes before gossiping
Fruit before desserts
Openness before judgement
Self-awareness and awareness of others
Sleep, pure deep uninterrupted sleep
Quiet reflective thoughts
Nice conversations instead of disconnecting
Cooking and creating meals
Exploring essential oils
Cycling before driving
Walking before driving
Veggies before fruit
Kindness before frustration
Listening before talking
Letting go when all we want to do is hold on
Finding your passions without influence of others opinions
Pausing before reacting if something doesn’t feel right
Reflection before action
Being comfortable in “YOU”
Looking in the mirror and loving what you see
Taking responsibility for your life
Saying sorry before harboring bitterness
Speaking words if they improve upon silence
Discernment before judgement
Empathy before anger
Grace in all it’s humility
Noticing without judging
Doing the “right thing” without resentment
Curiosity about others
Stretching before sitting
Stretching before getting out of bed
Having integrity with your commitments
Authenticity before hiding behind a facade
Foods which fuel the cells vs foods which only fill the belly
Finding contentment in the simple things before wanting more
Creating a life which help others
Thankfulness before criticism
Genuineness before inhibition
Go with the flow before reluctance
Quickly releasing burdens before being weighed down by them
Trying to look for a win win
Being grateful
Being kind. Aways being kind.
Real food before junk food
Saying things of benefit before just “talking” to hear yourself
Hoping before worrying
Enjoying the moment; living in the moment
Laughter before anger
Releasing jelousness
People before stuff
Being resourceful before buying
Sweating before slumber
Finding natural energy before resorting to caffeine
Considering what might make someone else happy
Relax before over-scheduling yourself
Simplicity before complexity
Write down what you are grateful for every day
Trust before insecurity
Chewing more before rushing
Breathing deeply before sighing
Believing before doubting
Tidy spaces before clutter
Making sure someone else doesn’t need to pick up after you
Creating before consuming
Doing something active every day, easy or difficult
Good books to enrich your soul
Creating friendships everywhere with authenticity and kindness
Solitude before noise
Embracing the present before stressing about an unknown future
Making time to play and laugh
Honesty before white lies
Encouraging before complaining
Activities before procrastination
Listening to your heart
Smiling before frowning
Spending time on your health and wellbeing
Being out with nature
Confidence before weakness
Understanding before you judge
Love before almost anything
Gratitude and appreciation of others
Experiences before doing things for the sake of it.
Originality before comparison
Knowing your identity before seeking validation
Generosity before stinginess
Positivity rules
Believing in yourself
Humility before pride
Compassion before selfishness
Embracing our own imperfections
Embracing other’s imperfections
Cherishing moments before wishing it away
Light heartedness and joy before sorrow
Thinking kind thoughts about yourself
Looking for the good in yourself and others first
Living in your truth before living in someone else’s
Taking time to laugh often and feel free in your spirit


Always be in appreciation~  Tammy Parkinson