rayRay Vargas has a love and passion for fitness and nutrition and that’s why he started ISOTONEX – to share, serve & help others via fitness.  However, as Ray started on this quest he realized he could help deliver more than that.

You know the saying ‘if you look good, you feel good’? Through training, nutrition and positive reinforcement, Ray’s clients looked better, felt better and gained more confidence. This naturally helped them to achieve other aspirations, such as a better job.  For Ray it’s not just about getting fit and eating right – it’s about lifestyle and cultivating your energy. Ray has a natural knack for getting you fit and making you feel better about yourself – physically and emotionally.

Ray’s mission as your personal trainer is simple – to help you achieve your goal.  He listens and customizes your training program every step of the way.  You are not locked into any set program.  He varies your program based on your needs for that session.  He covers all aspects of aspects of strength training, functional fitness, plyometrics, bodywork, kettle bells, cardio conditioning, band/pulley training, sports specific training and post rehabilitative work.

As Ray is a motivated, passionate and inspirational soul he always goes above and beyond and it shows.  It is not unusual to find Ray training along side his clients or fine-tuning their technique so they can squeeze out that little extra.

Ray’s drive and his positive energy are contagious.  You feel it when you talk to him, when you train with him and even after the session is done. He is empowered by this contagious energy in his everyday life and enjoys ‘paying it forward’ by educating, motivating and inspiring people to live better and feel energized through functional fitness and nutrition.