We’ve all been there. We need 27 hours in a 24 hour day…and we need to be awake for all of them. We are so jam packed with our to do’s that we cannot possibly find time for one more thing. In fact, we probably shouldn’t workout or cook healthy food, because there simply isn’t enough time.

Then, the unthinkable happens…
Our car breaks down, our computer crashes, our cell phone drops in the toilet (yes, I know several people that’s happened to) or our child gets sick from school and needs to be picked up and taken to the Dr.’s office. This all happens on that 27 hour day which is crammed packed; the one you need to deal with because you are flying out on a business trip tomorrow at 6 am for a conference you are leading.

What do you do? You create a new priority and somehow deal with the car, computer, cell phone and child while still doing the other 900 things. Somehow, you make it happen.

The point is, when something is a priority, whether intended or not, we find a way, we find the time.

Exercise and nutrition should be a priority so we CAN deal with stress, so we can sleep deeper, so we can avoid sickness and so we can think clearly; but for so many it’s put on the back burner for another day because the negative effects of shoving it off doesn’t show up immediately, it can take years. But when the effects do show up, it’s never pretty and it’s never easy to deal with and it could even be irreversible.

What if 20 minutes a day of exercise and 20 minutes a day dedicated to eating well (this could be preparing, packing, shopping during the week) could move up the list as important as answering emails, returning texts and dare I say posting on face book? (imagine the possibilities !!) What if you could combine a conference call with a walk? Maybe you could have lunch with a business associate or friend at a healthy restaurant and order another healthy meal to take with you for your dinner later or lunch the next day? Consider doing something active with your kids so you are spending quality time and getting your blood flowing synergistically. There are many ways to double up a healthy lifestyle while juggling chaos. It might not be ideal, but the perfection comes in keeping your health on the top 5 vs. the bottom 35!

It might not be easy right away to carve this in, but in time, it will become as natural as brushing your teeth (another healthy habit!)

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