The ’60s, ’70s, and 80’s Closet. Much of my recent discussions with clients have been about transitions, letting go, and embracing space. This is in alignment with the Winter Solstice. When we think about what we are ready for versus what we should let go of, this can be exponentially liberating. I wrote about it last week, so this is an add-on to that mindset. Think about this in a very “basic” sense.

Think of your closet. You have these clothes you bought in 1985, which include Reebok high-tops (pink), IZOD high collared shirt (peach), Niki crop top shirt, and so on. You get my drift. Now, these gave you a lot of pleasure and you might have been quite the fashionista in the day, but eBay awaits. You can either save them in storage for a theme party or let them go to someone who might “need” them now. In their day, they worked.

However, when they no longer do, let them go and free your closet! Then, there might be the very cool jacket you purchased, which looked amazing a few months ago, and although it was incredibly nice looking, it just never fit “right”. You hang onto it as though it will miraculously fit better tomorrow, but it doesn’t. (I have one of these in my car with the receipt being taken back as a metaphor for this letter this coming weekend!) Closets are a little easier than relationships, emotions, or habits. Yet, if you can visualize cleansing your closet, you can visualize yourself letting go of what you are trying to “fit into” with other things and even people in your life. Consider this deeply. We don’t need to carry around with us what no longer (or ever) fits.

Let it go! Release. Free yourself. Get familiar with this feeling of newfound space. Then, embrace the clearing before you fill it back up. Give yourself time to be free. You might just decide to keep it open for a bit before you bring in new emotions, feelings, people, and even clothes that do align with your life now.