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Marcus D. McDonough

I am dedicated to providing high quality and exclusive treatments. I will always strive to meet yours and your clienteles individual needs and concerns to promote overall well-being. I incorporate the tools of Fascial Release,

Heather Rideout

Cyclist, surfer, runner, hiker, are just a few ways you can describe Heather. She is an avid athlete and constantly in motion. Graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Kinesiology and from

Ray Vargas

Ray Vargas has a love and passion for fitness and nutrition and that’s why he started ISOTONEX – to share, serve & help others via fitness.  However, as Ray started on this quest he realized

Self Care

How often do we feel the need to take care of others...whether it's our children, our clients, our parents, our spouses, or a friend in need? This caring is what helps the heart grow. This

Going Ageless

Imagine a time when age wasn't a number, but a feeling. Let's pretend there were no clocks or birthdays to indicate our years on earth. Conceptualize that you wouldn't know that wrinkles were good or

The Power of Rest

Earlier this week I was having a debate about what "rest" is. My debater felt strongly the only way to rest is to take a nap. Plain and simple...sleep in the middle of the day.

Drafting through life

When a cyclist rides with a team (or even one other person) there's a technique that's used called "drafting". Drafting happens often when the team is riding in a head wind so that the riders

Adrenal Fatigue Seminar June 17th 2015

You’re Invited to a FREE talk at Pilates Sante in Los Gatos with Body Firm/ Tammy Parkinson Fatigue and the role of the Adrenals Wednesday June 17th, 6 - 7:30 pm by Tammy Parkinson Do

Ripple effect

There is an old saying: . . . like the pebble cast into the still pond, everything we do sends ripples into our environment. The positive or negative influence of those ripples is our choice.

My Word of the day~

Have you ever had a day that turned up side down within a few minutes of waking up? Then the day kept spinning and up until the time you got to bed, you were in