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Ripple effect

There is an old saying: . . . like the pebble cast into the still pond, everything we do sends ripples into our environment. The positive or negative influence of those ripples is our choice.

My Word of the day~

Have you ever had a day that turned up side down within a few minutes of waking up? Then the day kept spinning and up until the time you got to bed, you were in

Life’s Curve ball

Recently many of my clients have been moving through a "shift"...getting unstuck from frustration, grief, overwhelming feelings and life's curve balls. Today, one of the special people sent me this...and I wanted to share~ it's

Unusual Produce

Do you ever wonder if it's ok to eat the rind of a Meyer lemon, or the stalks of an artichoke? The answer is YES (as long as they are washed well). We Westerners go

Learned Helplessness

I've recently learned a term "learned helplessness". The theory of learned helplessness state that when an individual lacks belief in one's ability to change the circumstances of their life, or fears the unknown results of

Reluctant Fitness Junkie

The other day I was having a "fitness" conversation with a woman who, for many many years placed her health priorities on the back burner. After we talked for a while, she shared with me