Earlier this week I was having a debate about what “rest” is. My debater felt strongly the only way to rest is to take a nap. Plain and simple…sleep in the middle of the day. He felt when you turn your mind off and nap, you are clearly able to let go of any problems and start anew when you wake.

My response is that a nap is fabulous…however I believe “rest” is different and personal for all of us. Rest to some might be napping, to others a silent hike in the mountains, or a good book can bring peace to the soul, mind and heart.

The debate ended with a mutual agreement that “rest” is what each person needs to recharge, refresh and renew. Rest can be letting sore muscles heal from excursion as much as it can be clearing the mind from chaos and clutter from the day with laughter. It can also be as simple as one didn’t get enough sleep the night before and needs to catch up on a few zzz’s.

Whatever your rest is…it’s important. To recharge is part of self care…burn out isn’t. Taking time out to quite the mind and body is healing…burning the candle at both ends isn’t.

In this era or so many demands, so many complications, it’s more vital than ever to find your personal way of rejuvenating yourself so that you can be your best every day in every way.