New Year’s Intentions

The first day of the year. This is truly an opportunity to renew, refresh, and recreate. I've heard many people talk about what's to come in the new year and what is possible. Think about

Thank you November

November is thought of as the beginning of the Holiday Seasons. It's thought of as the marker for the changing of the weather and it's recognized for brining gratitude to the table, so to speak.

Free Seminar every Thursday from 12:30-1:30

Bring your lunch and learn about nutrition, fitness and homeopathic remedies to create a healthier, more lively body!   Every Thursday from 12:30-1:30, Dr. Cody Fowler of Symmetry Sports and Tammy Parkinson, CNC of Body

Is a headache necessary?

I'm doing a seminar this week about foods which cause headaches and foods which help reduce headaches. It dawned on me that probably every person alive has had at some point a headache. There are

Claudia Dugue

Claudia Dugue, NASM CPT Rock Tape Certified Hello! My name is Claudia Duqūe. I am a certified personal trainer and have a specialty in RockTape which is used to promote recovery and prevent injury. My

Deziree Slusher

Deziree Slusher, NASM CPT, Life Coach, SN Deziree Slusher has always been around sports and athletics.  Growing up she played in competitive and travel league soccer, softball, field hockey and track and field.  She went

Facing the Wind

As I was driving in to work the other day, the wind had the flags flying at full extension. The trees were leaning a few degrees and there were leaves scattered everywhere. As an outdoor

Nichelle Gurule

Nichelle Gurule, DC, CSCS Dr. Nichelle Gurule graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder, with double bachelors’ degrees in Integrative Physiology and Psychology.  She graduated from Palmer Chiropractic College West Campus with a focus