At Body Firm, we understand each person is unique in their desire for health and fitness. Every client will work with a hand picked trainer who is best suited to help him or her reach their goals. All sessions are by appointment only and training is performed in a private non-intimidating atmosphere.



We believe there isn’t a perfect diet which fits every person. In fact, each person is so different in their lifestyle, needs, habits, likes, dislikes, belief systems and goals that to best help a client reach his or her goals. We first need to understand how they live and what their nutritional habits are like. It’s only from that foundation that a person can understand what habits to change and what habits to add in, for life. This begins with an analysis and evaluation…Get Started Today!
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Personal Training

If you’ve ever considered trying a new activity or sport, but aren’t sure how to get ready for it, consider hiring one of our experts for one or two sessions to build confidence, knowledge and strength for the sport. Take the guesswork and the anxiety out of something you’ve always wanted to try!
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Lifestyle Coaching

Although personal fitness training is still the core of Body Firm, we’ve realized in today’s busy world with so many demands that for many it’s not just about fitness…it’s about wellness. Maybe you have a personal trainer, maybe you are in a nutritional program and you are feeling great in these areas…but your “life” as a whole is still a little out of balance and you are unable to create the focus, energy and structure to bring the life and synergy back in to focus!
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