So often we say (or hear)…I’ll be happy “when”.  We look for the end goal of our happiness.    We also look in the rear view mirror and think, I wish I would have or could have done XYZ “back then”.  We are looking behind and in front while we are in transition from the old and into the future.

Do you relate?  I do this too sometimes.

As many of you know, I take a lot of yoga.  In a Vinyassa practice, for example, we might be moving from Downward dog into Warrior 1, into Warrior 2…the flow.  We look at these as our poses to “Get to”.  Consider however that the transition from Downward dog into Warrior 1 IS the pose…the movement, the grace, the flow is the movement vs the pose being the one you move into and stay in for a few moments. 

This is life, our movement.  Our transitions, our flow.  I’ve thought deeply about this over the past couple of weeks.  How am I embracing my transitions as my “pose” vs how happy I will be when I get “there”?

This is another way of being in the moment.  Cherishing the flow, the day, and the growth between the beginning and the destination.

I’ve been playing with reframing my mind that the movement is the destination. It’s a big thought, a way to reframe our minds and consider our choices within the choices. Ready!

Practice this as though there is no real “end goal” but rather the “goal” is the transitions each day between the goals.

Play.  Flow.  Transition.  Transform.  Enjoy.