shaeShae Hlinka
Shaelenn’s passion for fitness began when she was 3 years old and put on her very first pair of dance shoes. From her very first dace class she was hooked. Once her dancing shoes were on her feet they never came off. She wore them everywhere, never missing a chance to dance in front of an audience or even no one at all. With an extensive background in jazz and ballet, her life in the fitness world began to blossom. She used her knowledge of fitness to work as a personal trainer putting herself through college. Upon graduating she has now been able to devote all of her time learning new training styles and techniques to give her clients the most challenging workouts possible. Because of her dance background she tends to train her clients with more of an emphasis on Pilates, core strength, balance and cardio. She is known around the gym as the “Abs Queen” and the ruler of all the abs exercises. So if great abs and having fun while you train are what you want, then this is the girl who can get you the results you are looking for.