Nichole_REVNicole Busch, IFPA CPT, CFN, CFS, CRBT
I’ve been in the business now for almost 13 years starting off as an aerobics instructor then becoming a personal trainer. I somewhat fell into this “job” only to find out in a short couple of months I wanted this to be my career! As time progressed I did an internship of 300 hours inVirginia Beach, VA. I began to understand/study people more. I realized the “high” I got from helping others achieve their goals. I began to work with clients with eating disorders and really wanted to learn more about nutrition. It was at this point I got certified in sports nutrition.Several years ago while living in Columbus, Ohio I had started a boot camp.  I saw the impact that I had in my clients lives. With each passing boot camp as my clients were learning about themselves, I was learning about myself! I incorporated mind, body and meditation work into our trainings and it was the most amazing experience for all of us. I realized with this “power” I could truly change my life and help others to change theirs.I have always had a passion for fashion and now my dreams have come true.  I started my own business 2 1/2 years ago in addition to my personal training career… Nicole Blair Wear (an image consulting firm) which compliments a healthy body!  I specialize in helping clients express WHO they are thru their clothes. While most people don’t give it much thought as to what they wear, I help showcase their transformations. As a wardrobe and fashion stylist I encourage my clients to celebrate their new, healthy life which we also create within Body Firm… while focusing on all the positives. This is just another way to help my clients and share with them the possibilities of becoming A New You from the inside to the outside.My motto in life is to “EMBRACE CHANGE”. Keeping an open mind and an open heart you never know what you will find.