justinJustin Kerley
Hi there, my name is Justin Kerley and I have been in the health and fitness industry since 2005. I grew up playing sports as a kid. I wrestled and played football throughout my high school career at Archbishop MItty, and continue to make a part time career out of Professional Wrestling where I have been fortunate enough to wrestle for WWE on several occasions. Being brought up in a world of sports taught me that injuries do happen, but there is a lot we can do to help prevent them. Contact injuries are something you can’t train for, however injuries such as pulled muscles and sprains are something that we can prevent. Whether you’re in the wrestling ring or walking the dogs, we are always at risk of being injured but with the right applied knowledge, none of us should experience these “everday” injuries. I believe that waking up with body pain and hurting from daily activities can, and should be a thing of the past. My goal is to give as much knowledge, to as many people, as I can. My goal is to make people aware of a style of training that will benefit their lives and not just make them look good on the beach. My goal is to help and change as many lives, in a positive manner, as I can. My goal is to live a healthy, positive, stress-free life, and to bring you with me.“Keep Calm and Exercise On”