Tammy Parkinson, Nutritionist, CPT, A.C.S.M., N.A.S.M., Owner

Tammy’s focus at Body Firm is creating a better quality of life for her clients. She does this by helping them focus on eating for energy; thinking like a fit person and creating a workout program which will fit into their lifestyle for life. Working out is so much more than lifting weights, it’s about feeling great and living well. For the first 35 years of Tammy’s life, she struggled with her weight. Because of this and the keys she has learned to turn her fitness around, she has dedicated her life to helping others achieve their goals.Tammy conducts nutritional seminars throughout California and has been interviewed by Time Magazine, San Jose Mercury News and San Jose Magazine. She is currently working on numerous articles which will appear nationwide about living a healthier, happier life through diet and exercise.In addition to training at Body Firm, Tammy enjoys water and snow skiing, cycling, running and yoga.