I’m cautious to recommend vitamins, minerals or supplements until I get to know a person’s dietary history and in some cases working with clients and their Doctors based on their health history. Keeping that in mind as you read this, I wanted to share some new information I recently was introduced to.

It’s about the vitamin K. K2…to be exact.

You might know that vitamin K encourages blood clotting…which is essential in our bodies; however if a person is on blood thinners, then one is usually advised by their physician to limit their vitamin K intake (either in supplement form or in green leafy vegetables). What many don’t realize is Vitamin K2 is a different form of the vitamin and is known as menaquinone. It’s responsible for appropriate calcification for our bones and works synergistically to help strengthen our bones with vitamin D3. Vitamin K2 is found in animal fats such as egg yolks, certain cheeses, grass fed animals and from fermented soybean paste called Nattokinase (an enzyme extracted from natto which is sold as a supplement).

Now, of course, if one were watching their cholesterol, you wouldn’t want to run out and intake a bunch of egg yolks, cheese and beef without your Dr.’s approval.

What’s important to realize is adequate levels of vitamin K2 help prevent a variety of health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, kidney disease as well as osteoporosis and even infertility! That’s quite a list.

Another myriad of studies indicate that vitamin D3 (known to help bone health) without the intake of Vitamin K2 also places calcium into soft tissue—something we do not want. This could ultimately cause a calcium plaque build up in the arterial wall.

This is heady information; and information I thought could be beneficial to pass along. Please though, before you run out and grab some K2, talk to your health care provider and ask him or her questions about this important, little known vitamin and if it’s appropriate for your body!

To yours in Health and Wellness~

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