Last weekend most of us celebrated Independence Day. A representation of the freedom we have as citizens of the United States of America. We are fortunate, indeed.

Independent living has other meanings as well. From my perspective in the Health and Wellness field, being independent can unfold into much more than being able to choose if we want to eat out or eat in…it’s how we choose to embody and empower our health and wellbeing. If we are active, we most likely have the independence to walk, maybe run, cycle, swim, stretch, hike, and in general “move”. If we eat healthy we might have the independence to steer clear (for the most part) of medications**. If we do both, we might just have the freedom to go where we want to go, when we want to go, how we want to go. The options are endless if we choose to stay committed to our health.

Think about those you know (maybe you are one of them) who has let their health fall to a lower priority. As a result, you might feel achy, you might need to control dangerous blood numbers with medication. Maybe you wake up feeling terrible before you even begin your day? Is that a feeling of freedom and independence?

I recognize that in many incidences, ** taking medications is vital, necessary, helpful and required, and for that I am grateful for the choice to do so. In some situations (and you and your doctor know what those are) you might feel better if one took control of their health and created a healthier body through tough work…work that appears hard that is, but offers outstanding results and in the end feels absolutely incredible. One might still need some medication, but I can nearly guarantee that with the right kind of nutrition, positive mindset and activity, you will feel a 1000% better. (even if one still needs meds)

Fighting for your right to feel great is worth a holiday! Winning the freedom to live a healthy life in mind, in body, in health is worthy of a parade with banners, confetti, and bands!

Make a stand for peace with your health so that you can celebrate YOUR independence from any forms of unnecessary dependancies which keep you locked into a backwards environment! Have your own fireworks show for your health next 4th of July!

To yours in Health and Wellness~

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