Steven_C_REVDr. Steven Capobianco, Certified Sports Chiropractic Physician

Dr. Steven Capobianco is a certified sportschiropractic physician and exercise rehabilitation specialist who has developed a functionally oriented treatment system to address the injury and performance needs of the elite to the weekend warrior athlete.

Injury is typically not caused by a single event, but rather by chronic abnormal movement patterns. Steve has spent the past 5 years developing a performance care system that he has named the Symmetry Profile. The program emphasizes an integrated functional approach in treating common sport injuries. The profile allows the practitioner to:

Identify dysfunctional biomechanics,
Address the faulty movement patterns via a combination of treatment modalities (A.R.T., Graston, Proprioceptive Taping, Joint Manipulation)
Retrain a new and improved motor pattern through functional (movement based) rehabilitation exercises.

Prior to establishing Symmetry Sports Injury and Performance Care, Steve spent 4 years as the Director of Spinal Care and Rehab at TEAM Clinic Sports Therapy in Santa Clara. In addition to be anointed the official Team Chiropractor for San Jose State University in 2003, he has treated many professional and amateur triathletes (Kain Performance), soccer players (San Jose Earthquakes), Rugby players (San Jose SeaHawks), and more.