CPT ACSM, NASM and Nutritionist

For most of my life I struggled with my weight and nutrition. Through years of constant battling with my weight, I turned a corner when I finally understood what it takes to drop body fat and stay on a healthy nutritional track for life…without compromising my lifestyle. I gave up a career in the corporate field and dedicated my life to helping others turn their corner. Since I first started body firm nearly 20 years ago, not only have I grown, but hundreds of clients have achieved their own personal fitness goals too.


I have consulted hundreds of clients towards body fat loss, eating for energy, sports performance and eating for health.

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I speak throughout the Bay Area about health, wellness and weight loss with “wellness and quality of life” being the foundation for happiness.

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I partner with Excelsior Personal Training studio in Los Gatos, CA to help local clients reach their fitness goals.

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